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The sieve basket and sterile container systems enable a systematic organization of your entire sterile goods. The convenient handling and the variety of our containers and sieve baskets offers you safety and control in all areas of application of sterile goods supply, storage, transport and disposal can be perfectly organized with our containers. Our sterile containers meet the requirements of the standards for sterile packaging. The containers are made of anodized aluminum and are characterized by low weight and good drying properties. Coloured lids and labelling plates provide you with precise control over your sterile goods. Through our extensive range of Teflon filter cassettes PTFE, Valve and Bio-Barriere container models, we offer you a precise adaptation to your needs.

Sterile Container

‌‌ 1/2 Container Bottom/Lid (285x280 mm)
‌‌ 3/4 Container Bottom/Lid (465x280 mm)
‌‌ 1/1 Container (580x280 mm / Basismodell)
‌‌ Large Room Container (600x400 mm)
‌‌ Mini-Container Bottom/Lid (300x140 mm)
‌‌ Dental-Container Bottom/Lid (310x190 mm)
‌‌ Container Bottom/Lid (300x138x65)
‌‌ Container Bottom/Lid (500x155x75)
‌‌ Optic Container Bottom/Lid (250x60x50)
‌‌ Optic Container Bottom/Lid (450x70x70)
‌‌ Accessories such as texture, teflon, cotton filters and identification plates and more in Catalog


We specialize in the manufacture of implants made of steel and titanium. Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our Product Portfolio is constantly being expanded. Through our webshop / online shop, we would like to be present in the field of medical supplies / practice supplies in the future.

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Sterilization trays with silicone mats are available in different shapes and material composition mostly medical stainless steel. The baskets are usually equipped with a bottom, a lid and additionally with silicone mats & silicone holders to give the sterilized items like used instruments, cannula and tubing or extensions a firm hold. Sterilization trays, containers and baskets can also be supplied with customized etching or special designs. Contact us. We will find solutions together.

Please also have a look at our landing pages | | | | | | | | veterinä about sterile instruments that are suitable for all types of sterile container systems from our range.

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