Sterilizable sieve baskets, trays & accessories

Sterilizable stainless steel sieve baskets (perforated plate), wire sieve baskets, endoscopy sieve baskets and trays in various designs. Special sieve baskets / trays with individual instrument holders for sterilization on request. Wire baskets, crimped wire mesh baskets, crimped wire baskets.
For sterilization in hospitals and medical practices. Graphic case, optics trays and storage sieve.
                         sieve baskets are made with different types of mesh. Micro-mesh baskets can be used to sterilize the smallest instruments. Silicone mats or silicone                            strips can be used to fix the instruments to avoid scratches. Closure seals and indicator labels. Preparation and disinfection of surgical instruments.

baskets & accessories

We offer here a wide range of sterilizable wire sieve baskets, perforated metal sieve baskets, endoscopy sieve baskets, implant cassettes, dental trays, washing baskets, etc.
We are happy to offer sterilizable silicone holders individually adapted to your instruments. Sterilisierbare Siebkörbe by Digimed Medizintechnik.

1, 4 oder 8 fach kombinierbare Instrumentenhalter aus Silikon zur effizienten Organisation und Aufbewahrung von chirurgischen Instrumenten für den Krankenhaus Bedarf.

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Wrapping cloths, silicone supports, silicone bars, perforated sieve baskets, standard sieve baskets, DIN sieve baskets, wire sieve baskets, crimped sieve baskets,
micro fine screen baskets, fine screen baskets, screen basket lids, spri, wash baskets, wire racks, instrument cassettes, drill holders, implant. cassettes,
Silicone mats, endoskp sieve baskets, universal silicone holders, ophthalmology sieve baskets, instrument boxes, instrument trays, holloware, needle boxes, Schimmelbusch drums, instrument holding pins, separator holding pins.

Sieve Basket and Sterile Container
Sieve Baskets


digimed medic is specialized in the production of sterilizable wire baskets, sterile containers wash-baskets and accessories in medical technology.

Due to the ever-growing demands in the market, our sterilization screen baskets product portfolio is constantly expanding.

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Sterilization trays with silicone mats are available in different shapes and material composition mostly medical stainless steel. The baskets are usually equipped with a bottom, a lid and additionally with silicone mats & silicone holders to give the sterilized items like used instruments, cannula and tubing or extensions a firm hold. Sterilization trays, containers and baskets can also be supplied with customized etching or special designs. Contact us. We will find solutions together.

Please also have a look at our landing pages | | | | | | | | veterinä about sterile instruments that are suitable for all types of sterile container systems from our range.

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